Presell Pages Can Boost Affiliate Revenues

by Jeff Alderson

Finding a website or blog owner who wouldn't mind making a little extra cash from their online efforts is practically impossible. With tools such as on-site advertising, product sales and even affiliate programs available, it is often possible to earn some serious money. Although all of these options can and do pay off, they tend to have a fatal glitch. They almost always require visitors to a site to act in order for them to pay off.

The success or failure of every one of these options almost solely hinges on how inspired a visitor is to click on a link, follow through to a new website and even order a product or sign up for a newsletter once they arrive. Optimizing chances for success often falls on the original site's ability to place ads, make them look good and even in how well content supports the ads on the site.

While there is no denying that affiliate links can produce revenue, they simply don't always perform. The reality is external links take readers away from one site and send them to another. The responsibility for closing the deal tends to rest on the affiliate program site. If a program site isn't up to snuff, is poorly designed or doesn't provide enough information, the opportunity to make money tends to evaporate.

When it comes to affiliate programs, there are ways to hedge the odds in one's favor. Creating internal presell pages to tout the products is just the ticket for many site owners. What these pages do is offer information that explains the product or service in question. In essence, all these internal pages do is provide what potential subscribers or buyers might need to know to make the decision to purchase. Instead of placing direct affiliate links in posts, in chat forums or in other locations, those with presell pages put the affiliate links on these pages.

Website and blog owners who create distinct presell pages are likely to notice some very big benefits. These pages can be leveraged to a site owner's advantage to even help create or boost other streams of income, as well. The way this is accomplished often comes from a presell page's ability to draw in traffic via search engines. Since these pages tend to focus on a particular product or service and they happen to be keyword intense, they can manage to produce very good ranking results. This can, in turn, increase traffic and potential revenue.

Traffic is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential benefits of presell pages. Another major draw of using these pages lies in the ability they present to build trust for the site and even play off existing trust. If the pages present honest information about products or services - with the bad included, too - they can lend credibility to a site. Another big advantage to creating these pages involves outside promotions of affiliate links. Rather than dropping affiliate links in forums, e-mails and chat rooms, which is tantamount to spam, those who create these pages can sign posts with a link to a presell page instead. These pages also work beautifully as reference links in future posts or content about the topic.

Building presell pages to promote affiliate products is fairly simple. All that's really necessary is creating a new page for a site, drafting copy about the product or service and ensuring that links to these pages are noticeable on the referring site. A lot of site owners create suggestion or recommendation sections or simply make up their own ads to get readers to check out their presell pages.

When creating these pages, there are a few basic rules to follow. They include avoiding hard selling. Be honest about the product and try to present both the good and the bad if they exist. Also, make sure to include the actual affiliate link a few times, but avoid the use of other links. Consider cloaking the links and do make sure the copy is relevant, fairly short, easy to read and does offer solid information. This means bullet points, subheads, keyword phrases and so on. The biggest thing when writing these pages is to remember to make sure they tell why a reader should be interested. They need to know what's in it for them.

Presell pages for affiliate programs aren't always necessary, but they can go a long way toward helping increase revenue. Those who take the time to understand the programs they're recommending can gain a higher conversion rate than others when presell pages are brought into play.

About the Author
Author Jeff Alderson is a software developer and online marketer. He is an expert on PPC and SEO tactics. To boost sales, Jeff suggests using a keyword research tool when doing keyword researchClick here for other unique affiliate articles.


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