A True Adsense Alternative

by W.Medina

Got Banned - get a real Adsense Alternative !

A true Adsense Alternative : Revenue Pilot

I have been using this site an alternative to "Adsense" for two months now and I find it to be the best alternative yet. Not just because it is making me money, but because I don't have all the hassles that come along with all the restrictive and over bearing Gorilla that is Google.

The other day I had 1,356 visitors visit one page on my site - and of those visitors I had 25 ads that were clicked. Of those 25 click's I had one person who clicked the same ads three times. Now I don't know why he, she, it did this, but it happened. You want to know what happened? - nothing! Revenue Pilot simply did not pay me for the duplicate clicks. No threats of banning me, no freezing of my account - just did not pay me. Now that is a simple and easy why to do business.

You would think Google would be able to have this capability in all the myriad technology they hold - but no, their satisfied with banning people, especially small start up people. I remember reading that Google bans about 2 people a day - that's a lot of people. But what erks me - is when they closed down accounts for "arbitrage" but left many of the large money makers opened. To make it worst - while the people they ban never see their earnings - the people they closed for "out right" breaking their rules - received their earnings and Google openly admitted to this.

Revenue Pilot : I believe is the best service around, and personally tout it as the only "Adsense Alternative".

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