Click Ad Equalizer - Finding Profitable Keywords And Affiliate Products

by Paul Korber

Affiliate marketing is becoming an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. This won't be news to most readers, however for this reason it is crucial to perform effective and thorough keyword research and affiliate product testing. Cost-effective products such as Click Ad Equalizer are levelling the playing field by doing all 'the hard work' for you. There is no sense investing valuable time and money in affiliate products which are destined for failure.

Finding Profitable Keywords

Keywords are the backbone behind every successful internet marketing campaign. Like a carpenter, internet marketers need the right 'tools' to perform a task. The reality is that there are numerous expensive keyword research programs available (some costing as much as $200 per month), being utilised by the wealthier internet marketing entrepreneurs every day. If you are not using an effective keyword research program you will always be a step behind the competition and hence always at a disadvantage when selecting profitable keywords. When starting out in affiliate marketing the basic premise should be to find effective keywords which have a low CPC to promote a product which will sell easily. The good news is that if you are performing thorough keyword research there will almost always be an overlooked combination of keywords which are cheap and work.

Finding Profitable Affiliate Products

Once you have discovered the most effective keywords combination for your given niche, you need to be able to find the affiliate product which if promoted will most likely result in sales. Sure you could go to Clickbank and see which are the most popular and best selling products, however to be highly competitive in affiliate marketing one needs an overview of the entire affiliate marketing marketplace- ie every affiliate marketing network. Again competition is the key element- many web marketers will be willing to invest hundreds of dollars a month into this kind of information, hence the newcomer or inexperienced web marketer needs the right tools to perform the job.


The starting point for any affiliate marketing campaign is thorough keyword research. When this is combined with effective affiliate marketing product testing, chances of success and profits will increase immensely.

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