by Omo Agwaye

It is no longer news that affiliate marketing is the perfect business model for anyone who is serious about making money online. But the painful truth is that 95% of affiliate marketers still struggle to make a dime online. Only a hand full of affiliate marketers are really making a killing out of their internet business and raking in thousands of dollars into their bank accounts month by month. This is because most affiliates are not armed with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. Like every other field of human endeavor, you require some certain tools to succeed in your affiliate marketing campaign. This article therefore aims at reviewing some of these very vital tools an affiliate marketer shouldn't do without if he or she wants to be super successful affiliate marketer.

1.Website: there is a saying amongst successful affiliate marketers that if you do not have a website then you have no business marketing on the internet. There was a time when it was fashionable for an affiliate to just link directly to a merchant and let the merchant do all the selling. All the affiliate had to do was just to insert his or her affiliate link in a certain pay per click search engine and the commissions would start flooding in. This method has been proved to be very ineffective as the affiliate must now play a very vital role of preselling before the customer is eventually led to the merchants sales page. An effective way of doing is by setting up a mini website.

You do not have an excuse for not having a website if you are really keen on becoming a successful affiliate marketer. The good news is that nowadays it takes minutes to come up with a simple but effective web page. There are lots of programs around that simplifies the whole process and what's cool about them is that you do not require any technical HTML skills. To find these programs, all you need do is to do a web search on WEBSITE BUILDER OR WYSIWYG and I bet... you would have a whole lot to choose from. Some of them are free but others cost some few bucks.

2.A professional Autoresponder this is also another very indispensable tool in the hands of every successful affiliate marketer. For the benefit of those who do not know what it is , an autoresponder is a piece of software which collects email addresses (and/ or additional information ) entered into a form on a web page and adds that information into a database and subsequently sends emails to subscribers in the database. It helps you to collect the names and addresses of your visitors, so that you can build a database and follow up regularly with them. It is often said that it takes more than one contact with a particular product before a customer finally decides to buy such product. A professional autoresponder therefore gives you to opportunity to automatically send emails to your prospects reminding them of the benefits of the particular product you are promoting therefore helping them to make a buying decision. It also gives you the opportunity to sell similar products to them in future.

3.Traffic: this is also one very important aspect of affiliate marketing. It is not enough to just put up a website with a subscription box. You need to drive targeted traffic to your website. Without traffic just like any offline business you won't have people visiting your site. And if people don't visit, you don't stand a chance to make money from the product you are promoting. One sure way of doing this is to advertise your website in some major pay per click campaigns using keywords that are specifically targeted to the product you are promoting. Another way which has proven to be very effective in driving massive traffic is Article writing. This is actualized by writing keyword rich articles related to your niche area and submitting them to article directories.

On the final note, I must state here that the aforementioned tools and mechanisms are by no means exhaustive. However they are enough to actualize a reasonable level of success in affiliate marketing.

About the Author
Omo Agwaye is a full time internet marketer and has been involved in teaching newbies on how to earn massive income from affiliate marketing.learn the step by step guide for succeeding in affiliate marketing by visiting


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