The Secret In Penny Sites

by Aaron Soares

Ever wondered why there are so many Paid To Click (PTC) sites out there offering its' members one penny to click on their ads?

Simple, low budget marketing for maximum ad exposure for the advertisers and the members earn money. Now you are wondering, why would anyone sit in front of a computer and click away at one penny ads all day long. Well, if you have tried it you know the answer, but if you have not tried it, keep on reading.

The more you click on ads the more money you earn. A single PTC site may produce 4 ads a day to 40 ads a day. So you may make 4 cents to 40 cents, more or less if you were to catch the ads in time before they disappear. Yes the ads do disappear when the advertisers' money runs out. So you need to be quick. This is the concept that keeps people in front of their computers all day long just waiting to click on these ads in hopes of clicking as much in one day as they (the members) can.

So if you were a member of lets say 5 PTC sites you could possibly earn quite a lot. So just remember, every day is not going to be good ad clicking. There will be many days when there are only a couple ads to click on. But do not get discouraged as you can balance it out by doing one simple thing and keep the money you earn rolling in.

Are you ready for the secret of penny (PTC) sites? I bet you are! The main key secret is by helping others to do the very same. Advertise your PTC sites to get referrals and so on. They will click on the ads just like you are doing. Also, some PTC sites offer referral buying. You pay anywhere from $1.00 or more per referral in packages of like 20-35. Each PTC site has its' own way of offering referral buying packages. The more referrals you have under you clicking away in front of their computers all day long just like you are doing, the more money you will earn. It could possibly double or triple your PTC income.

Here is an example:

You click 10 ads per day = $0.10 10 referrals click 10 ads per day = $1.00 Your weekly earnings = $7.70 Your monthly earnings = $30.80

That is from just one penny site alone!

What if you were a member of 5 penny sites? You will earn $154.00 monthly!! What if you had 20 referrals for each of those 5 penny sites? I am sure you can do the math!

For some people an extra $100 a month can make a difference in their lives.

So what are you waiting for? Find some PTC sites and click away!

? 2007 Aaron Soares

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