Are You Ready For A Challenge

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Do you ever think about what the hardest places to live are for many people that suffer from allergies? The truth is that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America about the same thing. They have been using research and publishing a yearly report on this subject with all the information that they discover.

With each of the spring and fall seasons, they will gather up the information from three different factors. They will check on the pollen scores, the number of allergy medications that are being used and the number of allergy specialists for each patient.

The report will list the top one hundred places that an allergy sufferer will find most challenging to live. This is going to be the easy way of saying the one hundred worst places to live when you suffer from allergies.

Texas is going to be the top one on the list. They will have seven cities that are in the top 70. The number one is going to be Austin with a score of one hundred. This is a one time score of one hundred and the number one place is not a good place to be. San Antonio is not far behind Austin with a score of 98.75. This will put it in second place.

Being in third place is taken by Oklahoma City in Ok. They will have a score of 96.28. It is not going to be all-bad in Oklahoma. Tulsa has a score of 83.00 is the only other city to be on the list.

Florida is going to have eleven cities in the top one hundred. This is going to have Lakeland leading the way with a score of 93.75. Orlando is going to be right below them with a score of 93.20.

Ranked number eleven with a score of 82.75 is going to be Los Angeles. Our nation caption has found place number seventy with a score of 51.45. Lastly, Seattle, WA takes last with 25.45 a very low score indeed.


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