Food Allergies Bothering You

Food Allergies Bothering You?

There are so many different allergies that a person can have to deal with. One type of allergy is a food allergy. There are millions of Americans that will go through the distress of some type of food allergy.

The one most problematic food allergy is caused from eggs, fish, and shellfish. Some other foods that can be a bother can be peanuts and other nuts from trees.

There are many children that are going to be allergic to the same foods as above and also milk and other forms of dairy products.

Many people have food allergies to corn items. There are many children that are going to be affected by these types of food products in their daily lives. Most of the time the allergies that are caused by foods are going to be a huge bother to people and their daily lives. Some allergies can also be life threatening as well.

One of the most common symptoms is an itch inside the mouth, in the eyes, and on the skin. Some will experience hives, nausea, vomiting and also diarrhea. Some times the symptoms will be accompanied by stomach cramps and wheezing. Other will have shortness of breath and a hard time swallowing.

More severe symptoms can be swelling of the body. The swelling will tend to be more of a problem on the face. Mainly with the eyelids, lips and the ears. Some times a person will first notice that their tongue is swelling up.

Having mood swings is a terrible problem with allergies. Some people will go through depression that they have not experienced before in their life.

The biggest symptom can cause death. Each year there are around two hundred deaths that are going to be caused by an allergic reaction and other complications that can be caused by it.

Really there are no cures for food allergies. The only thing that a person can do is to stay away from the foods that make them sick. The shots that are going to work with other types of allergies are not going to work with foods ones.

People with food allergies will usually want to avoid the foods. Epinephrine can help take care of the symptoms and is often carried by people that are going to have food allergies. This is something they will use if there is a food allergy emergency that comes up.

There are scientists working all the time to find a shot that will help alleviate a food allergy but for now that is not going to happen for many years to come.


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