Taking A Test And Failing

Taking a Test and Failing

In order to find an allergy you must first talk to your doctor. You will need to let him or her know about the symptoms that you are going through and any type of medications that you are currently taking. You must also have a family and personal history available for them so that they can understand more about your life. You will also want to make sure that you have a physical examination.

The next step is the tests. There are three types of tests that you will need to go through. You will want to go through the skin test, patch test or even a blood test.

The skin test is something that many people will usually go through. It is going to be used to be accurate and is also going to be one of the least expensive tests. With the skin test you will find that a small amount of allergen is put on the skin and then the spot is pricked or scratched with a needle. You will also have a bit o allergen injected into the outer part of the skin.

If you have an allergy to the product that was tested, you will notice swelling, redness and an itching in the spot immediately after around fifteen or twenty minutes.

The patch test is to find a contact dermatitis. There will be a small amount of allergy that is put into your skin and covered with a bandage. Your doctor will then check the spot within forty-eight hours to see if you develop a rash.

The third type of test is called a blood test. This may be used if you are going through a skin condition or if you are taking some kind of medication that may interfere with a skin test.

A blood sample is going to be taken and it will be sent to a laboratory. There will be allergens added to the sample and it will measure the amount o antibodies that are going to be made so that it can destroy it.


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