What Are Typical Food Allergies

What are Typical Food Allergies?

Milk is one of the most common food allergies that people are suffering from. Many are lactose intolerant and cannot take the ingredients that are found in regular milk.

Eggs are another item that many people are allergic too. Some are going to be allergic to the whites of the yolk. This type of food allergy is going to be more noticeable in children but some adults can suffer from it too.

Peanuts are a serious allergy. Most people including children and adults are going to have food allergies that will include peanuts.

Tree Nut is something that more children are going to be allergic to than adults. The actual symptoms are going to be the same of peanut allergies but it will not necessarily mean that you are allergic to the other one.

Seafood is something that is not limited to children but seem more often. People eating or cooking fish near you can pass by the air and the fish allergens.

Shellfish is a very dangerous allergy. Some people will have it if they are allergic to seafood while others will not. But having one will not mean that you are going to have the other.

Soy is something that many people need to be careful eating especially when they are eating Asian foods or using any type of Asian sauces.

Wheat is the most common food allergy. It can also be a problem for those that have a respiratory problem. It can be an allergy that is caught through the respiratory system and can lead to something much more dangerous.

Within in the United States these are going to be referred as the “ the big 8”. With over 90% of the United States food allergies they will be made up of these types of allergies.

Allergens are going to be different from other countries. These big 8 are going to make the top ten in many other places around the world.

Food allergies can be thought of as through contact. In the East Asia parts where rice makes up a very big part of the culture’s diet, rich allergies are going to be very common. They are going to be as common as those salary allergies in Central Europe.


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