Extravagant Victorian Architecture

Extravagant Victorian Architecture

The Carson mansion is one of the most wonderful examples of beautiful architecture. You will find that it is also one of the best examples of Victorian architecture. It has about 18 rooms and was constructed about the late 1800ís. When it was built, it cost about $80,000, which is an incredible amount of money for the time period.

It is a mix of every major style of Victorian Architecture and is the most written about, most photographed house in California, possibly the U.S.

A lot of people understand why it is known as the Victorian style. A lot of people realize that it is named after the English queen, Queen Victoria. This is the building period that also overlaps with her reign.

These structures are highly decorated and so aptly nicknamed Gingerbread houses for all of their pieces and gingerbread type scroll work and ornamentation.

For those who are interested in this building period, youíll find that Toedo, Ohio is one of the most well known areas for Victorian building. Boston is noted in the National Register of Historic Places as having the oldest Victorian neighborhood in the U.S.

But of course, the U.S. isnít the only place where these intricate creations of Victorian Architecture can be found. There are tons of era cities that offer notable Victorian era designs. London, Glasgow, Melbourne, and even New Orleans has become on of the most highly notable places.

When it comes to typical architecture of Victorian era the fact is that it is functional, but it is also mysterious. You will want to keep in mind that there is a lot of delicate and detailed woodwork that is also known for having a grand color in schemes. You will want to keep in mind that with exterior and interior design everything looks very warm and inviting. With the large rooms, they are very welcoming and also the beautiful.


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