Creating A Successful Article

If you have writing ability, thatís great and you are well ahead in the game of article marketing. The next thing you will have to learn is how to format the article in the correct way to get the results you want.

Every good article will start with an attention grabbing statement as a headline. Make sure that the headline is not all hype. Following the headline will be the sub-headline which canít be hype either. Headlines are very important especially in the Internet world.

Remember, there is no cover page to your article so it is important to compel the reader with the headline to read the article. The subheadings should serve the same purpose and should explain what the article is about. A good article should be at least three hundred words in length with no less than three paragraphs. You should avoid paragraphs with only one sentence that is just a few words long. This technique can be used to give that sentence a different effect but should only be used for that purpose.

The opening paragraph should explain what the article is about to the reader and what they will be informed on throughout the article. You can treat articles like a thesis from high school or college. Ask a question or make a statement and then prove it with the text. It is imperative that each paragraph lead the reader to the next. You want them to reach the bottom.

The final paragraph should close up your article by summarizing the subjects touched on by the article. Make sure to provide your resource box after the last paragraph. As a reminder to the reader, it will link them directly to your site. There they can learn even more about the reader and the topic.

Finally, you should make your article free to reprint for the readers. This can be a great way to get some extra advertisement for no cost to you. They may send it to a friend or family member that may also be interested in your website. Make it clear that is only available for reprint if the resource box stays intact. This way your article will become viral.

When you finish writing your article, put it aside and read it again the next day. Many times, writers become fixated on their own writing and the information may need a more objective point of view. Ask a friend to read it over for you. Make sure they know you want to them to criticize your writing constructively. This is a great way to get some feedback before you send the article out.


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