Free Reports For Viral Marketing

We all love free reports an now you will love them even more. You can use people’s reports for article content. This gives free promotion to the author of the free reports and helps you produce good content quickly and much easier. It gives you promotion as well.

The idea is to gather information from free reports and create an article for viral marketing purposes. You can use little bits of lots of articles to create an original one. Some people have even turned the free reports into a series of articles.

Free reports can be found on pretty much any topic. Use your favorite search engine with the words ‘’free report ‘’ and words that describe the particular subject. The difference between a report and an article is that a report is usually in excess of one thousand words, which can be turned in to two or three articles. They are also more technical in many cases. They usually present facts and figures about a certain subject.

This serves several purposes. By taking the more technical information from a report and turning it into an article that is understandable and broken down, you are further establishing yourself as a writer and as an expert in the field, not only providing valuable content. This tells your readers, who are loyal by now, that you stay with the times and are up to date on the latest information within your area. It also shows consistency and that you can be counted on for valuable information, even though it is not information you wrote yourself.

Make sure to give credit where it’s due. Do not, by any means, use the entire content of a free report in your article. Try to use only the parts that relate closely to your niche. After that, make sure you quote the source and even give the readers the site where they can obtain the entire report. This will show your readers your honesty and strengthen the trust that they have in you.


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