How Articles Can Be Done By You

This is an age old question. It may be a controversial subject if the article will be used for marketing purposes. Some may say six hundred words while others will say seven hundred and fifty. Some may even believe they should be longer than that. How do you know which expert is right?

First off, you should take a look at the ezine publishers. Keep in mind that their publications are usually delivered via email to a mass amount of people. This means that they usually try to keep the size of newsletters down. In most cases, ezine publishers will not accept newsletters containing more then seven hundred and fifty words.

You want your articles to be viral so you also want ezine publishers to pick them up, publish and distribute them. In result, you will want to keep all articles fewer than seven hundred and fifty, as well as the ones you submit to article sites. So now you know the maximum length, but what is the minimum?

In most cases, there are no minimum requirements but most articles fewer than three hundred words are not even worth reading. Most ezine publishers refuse to publish them because they do not have enough valuable information for the reader. So, you articles should have more than three hundred words but less than seven hundred and fifty.

Typically, articles range between three hundred and five hundred words. This is just the right amount of information to get your point across without giving everything away. Then, of course, direct the reader to your website for more information on the topic.

While these sized articles are on the shorter end, they are good sized articles because the readers do not want to read all day long. They want to get in, get the information they need, and move on with their day. Because of this, you must make sure to use your words wisely and get your point across while capturing the attention of the readers. It sounds like a lot to do but it will come much easier to you after some practice.

Do not forget the idea you are trying to establish with every article. Establish yourself as an expert in the field, inform the reader, and then direct them to your web page. Do the selling on your website and not in your article. At the website, you should provide them with more content and a sales letter that sells your product or service.


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