Keeping An Eye Out For E Zine Publishers

You definitely want to know ezine publishers, especially the ones within your niche. These people are extremely important in your article marketing venture and you should start building your own database of ezine publishers. You want to stay in good terms with these individuals because they can directly alter your status in article marketing.

You will need to start by visiting the many ezine directories and subscribe to the ones within your niche. You should try to read one or two issues before you start to submit articles. Some ezine directories will even provide information regarding whether or not article submissions are even accepted, where they should be sent to, and the article’s guidelines. This is really valuable information and should be treated as such.

Once you make the decision to submit your articles to ezines, then you should contact the publisher directly. Ezine companies usually show favoritism to people they have a direct relationship with in comparison to someone who just submits their articles. The ezine publisher may accept article submissions but you will have a much better shot by establishing a relationship with them. Just submitting articles with no other form of contact does no form any kind of relationship.

You could write a personal email instead. Make it a point to tell the publisher how much you enjoy the site and include what you like best about it. Inform them that you have many articles that you know their readers would be interested in. Then, ask them if they would like you to submit them or not. If you are able to point out a particular subject within your niche, do it. This method is much more effective when you are trying to get your foot in the door.

Do not overwhelm ezine publishers with your articles. These are very busy people that get a boatload of email. At first, send only one email a week. This way they can actually get a good feel of your writing style and amount of content. You will have a much better chance getting anywhere with them this way.

You can also send exclusive emails to individual ezine publishers. Publishers really like exclusives. Once a week, write an article real quick exclusively for one ezine. Submit it to the publisher and make sure to let them know that it was written exclusively for them.


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