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Most article marketers concentrate on ensuring the fact that the people who use their articles do not alter them in any way, shape, or form and that the articleís author information is always included. You can choose to take a different path. You can allow your readers to change the links within your article and within the resource box to their own affiliate links.

You may be thinking that that is a crazy idea. The point is that the authorís resource box remains unchanged and you still get the recognition.

You will still benefit by getting recognized and getting traffic to your site. Doing it this way will compel ezine publishers and website owners to use your articles because they will benefit from this as well.

This works like a charm if you happen to have affiliates promoting your product or affiliates that are signed under you when you are promoting someone elseís products, too. It actually motivates them to use your articles and will bring you more in commissions.

In lots of cases, it is more appropriate to let the publisher replace the links within the article as well as the resource box. This means they would replace the authorís information with their own information. This all depends on what you are attempting to accomplish with the article in the first place.

Other options include letting the affiliates replace all of the links within the article to their own personal links but leaving the resource box as is. This will give you the recognition of an expert and still benefit you with increased commissions. It will also benefit you in the long run because you will eventually become an established expert in that field.


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