Offering Free Reprint Rights Why Would I Do That

The point of writing and distributing articles is to raise the amount of traffic that your website receives, to establish yourself as an expert, and increase your sales. Writing and submitting your articles is not always enough. You have to make your articles viral.

A viral article is an article that you write once and distribute to the various article sites on the web. Then, ezine publishers, blog writers, and website owners in the same field as you will find the article and post it on their web page.

From those three sources, other people with the ability to portray your work will also pick it up and publish it as well. From there it just keeps spreading, making the sky the limit.

In the future, you could come across one of your articles on a website. You may have written that article two years ago and somehow it ended up on the website you’re searching. You may be shocked to see that the website owner only recently added your article to their site. If you conduct a search five years from now, you would be astounded by how well traveled the article will be.

This whole process of the article becoming viral will never happen if you do not take the correct steps to make it possible. This is done easily by including a notice on the bottom of the article that gives readers the permission to reprint the article free of charge if the article remains unchanged and includes the resource box.

It is really that simple. One tiny sentence at the bottom can change the face of your online business. To ensure the spread of your article, make adding the reprint permission to the bottom a required element of the article. Some people may be hesitant to copy the article because of copyright infringement. This way, everyone interested in copying the article will.


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