Other Article Distrbution Strategies

There are tons of ways to get your articles into circulation and you would be well served to use them all. These methods include distributing articles to the article directories or repositories, sending your articles to a list of ezine publishers, using a blog to publish your articles, using other peopleís blog to promote your articles, submitting your articles to private sites or member only sites, and submitting your articles ion to forums that accept articles. That is a lot of places to use to get your name out there.

There are a few other ways to distribute your articles. Remember, the purpose of the article is to get traffic to your website and increase revenue. Even so, some people forget to put their own articles on their websites. You have written content and websites need content. Make sure that your content makes it to your website.

Another way to distribute your articles is in an eBook where you compiled all the articles that you have for a particular subject. The eBook should be free and should be listed at the many eBook directories on the Internet. This will allow people to give your book away. This is meant to promote your online business so the eBook needs to be done well. The more content and useful information it contains, the more likely that a reader will actually pass it on.

You should also use your articles as part of n email course or series. Again, the series should not cost a thing. Set up an autoresponder for the series or course and put a sign up sheet on your website. This will build a bigger email list as well as help your article distribution.

The way you do this is by putting all of the articles in text format and into a folder. From there, compress the folder and upload it to your website. Then, on every single email you send out, include a signature file that lets everyone know that they can download the file for free and use the content however they want as long as the content is not changed and the authorís box stay intact.

If you think about it, articles can be used in tons of creative ways. Keep an eye out for new ways to promote and distribute. Never let one of those opportunities pass you by.


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