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The bottom line is to increase your profits. Never forget that. This is extremely true in article marketing and always will be. Many Marketers involved earn an amazing amount of money by simply writing articles.
Articles will drive readers to your website. Then, they potentially become a customer. It all starts with the article, though. If your article is no good, it will directly reflect your product. Articles can be used as a tool to establish your credibility as well as your expertise ands sales. Articles can either make you, or break you. Throughout this book, you have learned how to make articles work in your favor and should be well on the road to success. There is one more way to make money off of articles that we havenít touched on yet, though.
We now know that you want to advertise in the resource box but what can you do inside the article itself to monetize from it? Remember, the object is to make money, right? It doesnít matter if it comes from the sale of your product or someone elseís, does it? NO!
You can use your competition to make money. You can sign up as an affiliate of their program and promote their product within your articles. You can sign up for programs even if they are not in direct competition with you. There is no reason to be scared of your competition now that you know how to take advantage of them.
Make your affiliate links attractive. You want to pull in the most income possible, even if it means promoting someone else. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how rapidly your income increases, and how fast it all happens.
This business of article marketing is growing fast and seems to be a steady source of income for many Americans who are willing to try something new. It is the most effective market you will ever take part in. You will be amazed by how well it actually works if you do it right. Here are a few reminders that will help you get started on the right track when it comes to article marketing.
1. Donít assume that you can write. Your articles will need to be effective. You may consider hiring a ghostwriter until you feel comfortable with the material you can produce.

2. Write more than one authorís box before you decide on one. Test different versions to see which one is most effective.

3. If your articles are not getting the amount of traffic you want, there is a good chance that you are doing something wrong. Donít take the time to submit one more article until you fix the problem.

4. Use software to submit most of your articles but submit the better articles manually to insure proper delivery.

5. Write articles and submit them regularly. This will increase your traffic and writing abilities.

6. Always proofread!!! This is imperative. You donít want to be perceived by the world as someone who is too dumb to spell. You want to look and sound professional and there is nothing professional about errors in your material.


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