Selling Your Private Label Rights

There are plenty of ways to profit from your articles. You have the option of writing and distributing articles in an attempt to drive traffic to your site where sales are made. You can allow your affiliates to replace your links with their links or you can compile your articles and sell them as an informational product.

Another way to profit from your articles is to sell the private labels to them but you will not benefit from the links in the article, only from the people who purchase the rights of the article from you. You won’t benefit from the recognition of being an expert either. You will only benefit from the income you make from selling the article and the rights to it.

The ideal way to do it would be to bundle articles in one file. They should touch one the same subject and the folder should be compressed. Then, you would upload it to your website and link it from a webpage.

If you write a large number of articles on a regular basis, it would be a great idea to join a monthly membership site. You would pay a monthly fee and continually upload new batches of private label right articles.

If the articles you are writing are of high quality, this can become a very profitable business for you. You wouldn’t even have to write the articles yourself. You can hire a ghostwriter to do them for you, choosing the topics based on the request of the members.

If you decide to go this route with it, you will need to create a private label rights license, which will be part of all of your articles from that point forward. The license will have to be published within the area of your member’s website also.

In some cases, you may not have to create a members website at all. It is sometimes a good option to contact the owner of the membership site and sell the batches of articles straight to them. Make sure to establish this relationship before you start producing articles for this purpose. You would hate to write all of those articles with nowhere to sell them. These options are great fro consideration and have been very profitable for the ones involved already.


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