Submitting Your Articles

Once you know that your article conveys everything that you want it to, you are ready to submit it to article sites. These sites are sometimes called article banks or article directories. Each one will have its own separate rules for submission.
First of all, be prepared because most of the sites will require you to register. It is free so there are no financial worries. You may want to make a document that you can copy and paste from. It should contain your name, telephone number, email address, and website address, as well as the username and password you decide to use.
Before you submit your article(s), be sure to read the submission guidelines for each site. Many of the article submission sites will allow as many articles as you want while others will only allow one or two a week. Some will not allow articles done with software so do some research. It is very important to follow all of the guidelines because you may be banned from the site. You do not want that to happen because you will not be able to get any exposure for your website.
Your article will be published in its entirety on most article banks while others will only post a link to your article, which will need to be on your website. You should still use a copy and paste file to fill out submission forms. Typing in the same information can be tiresome and become pretty irritating. This way, you only have to paste the information or you can have software do it for you. Some sites will store your authorís information for you. You might need to alter this information to fit the subject matter, such as products or websites.

After you submit the articles, you will receive a lot of email. Many people start a different account for these emails. Make sure that you can access this account because during registration on some sites, you may be required to confirm your registration.

Finding the Most Popular Sites to Submit Your Articles to

Besides article directories and banks, there are other places that you can submit your articles. Private member sites require that you be a member before you will be allowed to submit your articles but some of these sites to not require membership.
In submitting your articles to private member sites, you will find that your articles will become more valuable to you and your business. Using article banks is effective but there tends to be many competitors which can cause your article to get less exposure than you planned on. There will be less competition for your article and will get more exposure. This means that your article will be read and used by more people, which is what you want.
Membership sites will have different guidelines for submission, which again, you will want to comply with. Read the guidelines thoroughly to prevent being kicked off of the site. Being banned from a private membership site is the last thing you need when you are trying to promote your online business.
Membership sites will have a certain section for submissions on their websites, while some others may allow articles to be ported as messages in their forum. In most cases, you would have to be a member to access these forums. Keep your eyes open at all times for opportunities to submit an article. Look closely because the submission link may be in very small letters.
Some sites will even post articles that are part of their memberís sites. All the member is entitled to do is add a small snippet of HTML code to the webpage that they want submitted articles to show up on. This can potentially mean more exposure for you and your online business.


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