The Up And Down Sides Of Article Marketing

The Up Side of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a very successful industry and had many advantages to it. The most obvious advantages include the fact that it is highly effective and itís free, unless you pay someone to write them for you, which is a great idea for anyone involved with article marketing.
Writing and submitting articles allows you to build a mass number of back links to your site in a relatively small amount of time. Most websites that post an outbound link require an exchange for the inbound link but not in this case. This increases your search engine optimization while boosting your search engine rankings.
If you have a flair for writing, you should be able to express three to five hundred words with quality information and do it fast at no cost to you. This helps establish you as an expert and adds credibility to your name. This establishes trust within your readers and, in turn, creates more sales.
Articles are infectious in a way. They are viral. Viral marketing refers to doing something once and watching it spread. This outlook can create benefits for you for a long time to come. Thatís essentially how article marketing functions. You distribute one article at a time and it provides others with links to your website and increases traffic, trust, and credibility. Distributing articles on a regular basis will serve you well financially. You will most likely see a rise in the number of hits your website receives and increased revenue.
As long as you continue to produce quality articles that are informative and not selling anything, you will not go wrong with article marketing. These articles can contain product pitches but should never be pushy.

The Downs of Article Marketing

The advantages of article marketing out weigh the disadvantages for sure. There are very few downers but there are a few which can all be worked around.
The first disadvantage you may have is writing skills. If your writing skills are lacking, you should hire a ghostwriter immediately. This can mean that you must always pay for their service or that you have some learning to do. It would be a great idea to hire a writer until you feel comfortable doing it alone. The advantage to hiring a ghostwriter is that you will get quality articles for less than ten dollars a piece. However, the longer the article, the more you will have to pay the writer.
Even if you happen to have writing skills, you will still find it to be very time consuming. If you have the time then there is no issue. For many Americans, they find it hard to find time to do anything extra. If you are one of the ones with no extra time, a ghostwriter will be the answer for you. Make sure to shop around because some ghostwriters will charge outrageous prices while others will be more reasonable. The key is finding cheap ghostwriters who do quality work, which should not be too hard.
The only other downside to article marketing is how time consuming it can be to submit them. Software can be used but is typically frowned on by most of the quality article sites on the Internet. Most of these companies prefer manual submissions. This process can take up to a day sometimes, especially if you try to send several at the same time. Sometimes it can take even longer depending on how many directories you are submitting to.
Again, there are ways around this. You have a few choices. You can use the article submission software and then submit the ones to the top article sites manually. Your other option is to hire someone to submit them for you. Manual submissions usually cost five to twenty dollars. This is a really affordable service that can make life much easier on you.
As you can see, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a whole lot. Besides, all of the disadvantages have a solution. Figure out your plan with the options provided and then go from there. You will soon see that article marketing is worth every bit of money, time, and effort you put in to it. You may feel like you are going out on a limb, but isnít that where the fruit is?


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