Types Of Articles You Can Write

Now that you have figured out how to write articles and how to organist the content, you may wonder what you are supposed to write about. What type of article will you write?
Some people aren’t even aware that there are different types of articles. There are five different types of articles and are all equally effective when used properly. There is the tips article, the story article, the personal experience article, the facts article, and the recommendations article. Here is a brief overview of each type.
• The Tips Article- provides the reader with tips on a particular subject, such as how to design a website or how to quit smoking. The tips may be in bullets or in numbers and the title should include the number of tips covered in the article.

• The Story Article- It is used to tell a story that does not have to be a personal experience. It can be true or fictional as long as it pertains to the subject. The trick is to do whatever it takes to keep the reader reading.

• The Personal Experience Article-This article will be about you and a personal experience you’ve gone through. It must deal with your niche and be informative, such as “How I Quit Smoking.”

• The Facts Article-This is simply an informative article that uses proven facts for content.

• The Recommendation Article-These are used to promote a service or product but the content of the article must be informative. It can be tough to use a recommendation article without promoting a product.

Many writers try to combine different types of articles into one to create a different effect. Doing this is fine once you get some practice in but it can be hard to keep it under seven hundred and fifty words. The best route to take is to choose the type of article that will convey your message to the fullest.


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