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Now a day, everyone is blogging, from grandmas to grandchildren. Since the popularity of the blog has gone up so rapidly, even businesses are using blogs. In some cases, it may be the owner blogging, but that is usually only in small businesses. Most major corporations hire someone to do the blogging for them.

There are a couple ways to use blogs successfully by helping your article marketing abilities along the way. The first way to publish your articles is through your own blog. Setting up your blog is a simple process. Most webhosting companies include blogs in the package or you can choose a hosted blog at or If you are looking for good search engine exposure with your blog, then you are probably going to find that is the best. The search engines pick these blogs up very well and you will get a lot of hits if you are blogging on popular subjects.

You will also want to make sure that your blog has syndication, or RSS abilities, and make sure to allow the readers of your blog to syndicate your articles. This is a very important part of using blogs in distributing articles.

After you get your blog set up with any of the categories you want it to have, begin pasting in the articles you send out. You will want to use pinging features so that blog directories are updated each time you add content to your blog. This will really help increase the traffic to your blog.

The second way to use blog is to visit other blogs within your niche. When you find a topic that you have written about, add a comment with a link to the articles listed on your blog, inviting the readers of the blog to check out the article.

In most cases, it would be considered rude to post your entire article on another blog. Make sure to link to the article instead of copy it on to someone else’s blog. The article should also be really relevant to the topic at hand.


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