Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Keep in mind that breast augmentation is not new. Itís not even a hip idea anymore; however, you will find that this is one of the many ways that women feel the need to improve themselves. Itís hard to stay young and beautiful when life is beginning to take a toll, it was only a matter of time before women turned to science and medicine to help them stay young and vibrant.

Did you know that in 1889 there were paraffin injections that were tried? It is the earliest form of implants, but youíll find that it only resulted in a disaster. According to implants where boasted by taking back fat and moving it to the breast. There were many other tries that failed.

Between 1895 and the early to mid-1900ís many other substances were tried. Glass balls, ox cartilage, ivory, Terylene wood, polyethylene chips, ground rubber, polyester, Silastic rubber and Teflon-silicone prostheses were some of the choices.

Then in the 1940ís and 1950ís the world started to think about injections of silicone. In fact, over 50,000 women received these injections. The injections were used in order to make the womenís chest wall tissue to add some volume.. An estimated 50,000 women received injections of silicone. In some of these women, hardening of the breasts and development of silicone granulomas (small nodules) were so severe, mastectomies were needed for treatment. 30 years after these treatments, women are still seeking medical services from complications resulting from these injections.

Today, youíll find that the implants are much safer and also the complication to the surgery has become severely reduced. Youíll want to keep in mind that there are always people trying to figure out how to improve on what they were given by using medicine and science to help them feel better about who they are and also learn to have confidence.


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