Be Stylish, Customize That Light

Be Stylish, Customize That Light

Easy as it is, making candles only need you to follow a few steps and you could achieve the finished product that you pictured out in your mind. There are a lot of ways to make candles. It could be by using simple quick steps from the internet or some more complex methods recommended by your neighbor who is into candle making.

Whatever it is, injecting some dose of your own creative ideas would make a whole lot of difference. What then are some tools you could use in making gel candles with your own brand of style?

As you follow the conventional steps of making gel candles, it would add up the fun if you consider the following tips:

* Use other materials that would let you have fun explore your creativity while adding more elements of style. Non-flammable things like sand, shells, metal charms, beads, marbles, pebbles, glitters, aquarium gravel, artificial jewel or pearls, and the like are among the most attractive things to have in your gel candle.

* Add colors that suit the little things you add with your gel candle. If you want the touch of "beach", you use aqua blue while you put some shells, aquarium pebbles or gravel and miniature star fish in your candle. You could also match the style you want to customize by mixing beads with glitters but consider color harmony as well.

* Place some of these little objects at the bottom part of the container before freely putting them in the other portions of the container. This would hide the wick tab.

* As you pour gel, add these tiny objects in layers. Take note that you need to place these objects away from the wick. The tip is- the closer these objects to the outside portion of the container, the more "visible" they could be.

As you make the candles, you would enjoy the fact that you are playing with colors and style. What makes the gel candles is that they were created out of pure pleasure and fun. Personalizing these gel candles is another great idea. You could try to use cut-outs of your name.

As you insert your own brand of style, do not forget to work safely and do not risk quality of the product over appearance only. There must be a balance of both. When you feel like you have been training your self well in making custom gel candles, why not try it out as a small business?


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