Options For Car Donations

Options for car donations

When it comes to car donations, you値l find that it is a non-cash donation to a charity. You have two options when it comes to donating a car. You will find that you can simply give the car to the charity, in which, they will sell your car and turn it into money to help fund their cause. The other operation that you have is that you can donate the car to help the charity, but it is for the charity workers to use.

If you go with the second option and donate the car for them to use, you値l actually get more value out of it. You will be able to qualify for a tax deduction and it will be much higher then if you were to give the charity the car to sell. You will need to file the appropriate tax papers, but you値l want to keep in mind

For example, if they keep the car, then you値l get the full blue-book value of the car. If you give them the car to sell then you値l only get the tax deduction on what the car was sold for. Often it is way less then what the value of the car is. Often people will donate cars that are worth over a $1000, but the charity only sells the car for $500. You値l have more to gain if you donate more money.

When it comes to donating the car for a charity you will need to state the cause. You値l need to tell them that it is for their own use or for them to sell it. You値l want to make this clear, because the second option will help you to retain more of a cash back option. You値l want to keep the reasoning behind your donation clear, because you値l file a different form for each of your options and you値l need to file the appropriate forms in order to get your tax deduction.


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