Traveling To Trinidad And Tobago

Traveling to Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean islands are beautiful treasures for you to visit, with this region in the world being one of the most popular tourist sports. Trinidad and Tobago and just two islands you can visit while your Caribbean vacation. Its' own nation, Trinidad and Tobago has between one and two million year-round inhabitants and welcomes people from all nations. Both of the islands are great to visit.

Trinidad is located very close to the coast of Venezuela. It is the large of the two islands, and most agree that it is also the more exciting of the two islands. The exciting nightlife you find on Trinidad rivals nightlife found anywhere else in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico's San Juan. Tobago, on the other hand, is the serene and secluded tropical getaway. You can reach Trinidad in only 15 minutes by air or two hours by sea, and the pink sand beaches are perfect for rest and relaxation.

Like many of the other islands in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago celebrate Carnival, which is a large two day festival right before Lent begins and comparable to New Orleans' Mardi Gras. Carnival season brings thousands of visitors to Trinidad and Tobago, since the country is known for holding one of the largest and most exciting festivals in the world, filled with culture dancing, cuisine, contests, and parades.

However, even if you don't visit during Carnival, you can still enjoy a number of wonderful activities. Bird watching is very popular here, with the Caronia Swamp being a secluded home of the Scarlet Ibis. Other natural areas to visit include the Arima-Blanchisseuse Main Road and the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust in southern Trinidad. Visit some of this county's many beach as well, including Pigeon Point, Manzanilla Bay, Chacachacare, Mount Irvine, and Store Bay. You can enjoy surfing, fishing, digging for shell fish, boating, and snorkeling at these locations. Just a few of the fish you may encounter are barracudas, whale sharks, manta rays, and porpoises. Of course, you can also spend the day relaxing on the beach as well. From wind surfing to sun bathing, there is something for everyone in Trinidad and Tobago.

You can even get away from the beach and check out the calypso much at the local pubs and dance halls. A number of musicians even cater to tourists and let them try playing, so you can enjoy learning a tune on the steel pan or simply watch costumed dances take the stage. Before leaving, make sure you get time to do everything you want-you may have to extend your vacation another week!


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