What To Pack For Caribbean Travel

What to Pack for Caribbean Travel

Like any other vacation, Caribbean travel can be fun or stressful depending on how well you pack. When you are going overseas, it is a good idea to learn about all of the things you'll need and to plan you clothing and personal belonging carefully. Packing well can make your trip extra special and less hassled.

First, pack all of the important things you need in a place that is secure, yet accessible. If you are traveling with your family, have all of these things in the same place to prevent confusions. Important documents to keep on hand include airplane tickets, passports, IDs, boarding passes, copies of prescriptions, and other things you could need quickly to help your time in the airport go smoothly.

You should carefully plan out what to pack in your carry on. All airports have special rules as to what can and cannot be take. These rules change frequently, so your best bet is to call the airline about a week before your flight to be sure you are up to date on the rules. You can also check the airline's website. A general rule of thumb is to not carry anything that could be considered a weapon, including nail clippers, lighters, and pocket knives.

Also when packing your carry on bags, be sure to stick in your bathing suit and a change of clothing. Often times when traveling to the Caribbean, your luggage will arrive on a flight other than the flight on which you came or it will be delayed somewhat on transit to your hotel. It is better to be able to wait by the pool instead of becoming stressed and having nothing to do while you wait for your luggage to arrive! You should also carry a small amount of money on you for this reason.

Think of function when you're traveling. Airports can be very busy, so if you'll have small children, consider packing extremely lightly or having your luggage shipped straight to the hotel. Wheeled luggage is also a good idea, and to save space and prevent wrinkles, trying rolling your clothing. Remember, if you forget something you can always pick it up when you get there. Spending a few extra dollars for shampoo or sunscreen is no big deal-and while we're on the topic of shampoo and sunscreen, remember that pressure changes due to air travel can cause bottles to burst. Store them in plastic bags so that you can be sure you belongings will be safe from spills. Packing for your Caribbean vacation is not hard as long as you follow these tips.


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