Fat Cat! Obesity And Your Kitty

If you eat too much and exercise little, you'll probably gain weight. The same is true for cats! Obesity in cats is a problem, just like it is in humans, because it can lead to dangerous diseases, like diabetes, and even fatal disease resulting in death. Obese cats are also usually sick more often, so you'll spend more in vet bills. All in all, you should do your part to help keep your cat at a normal weight.

First of all, check out your cat's eating habits. Does he or she eat in one sitting of eat bites all day. If you allow your cat to graze, he or she may simply eat when bored or when walking by the food bowl, just like humans do. Instead, feed your cats a single meal amount at a time. This may be hard to control if you have more than one cat, but is better than keeping a full dish of food available at all times.

Remember to control portion as well. Your cat is very small compared to you, so a good meal portion is usually about the size of one average-sized mouse. If you cat is eating more, he or she will probably become obese. Instead of scooping cat food into the dish, check the package to properly measure out the amount of cat food your cat needs for his or her size and age.

Exercise is also important. If your cat does not have access to outside, you should provide toys and climbing posts in order to give your cat a way to exercise. Set aside time to play with your cat every day. Cats do sleep a lot, but if your cat is inactive all day, he or she may have obesity problems down the road.

The bottom line is that obesity is unhealthy for cats of any age. Cats of a normal weight live longer, happier, and healthier lives. They avoid medical problems and are generally more fun as pets. A cat has some control over this, but it is also important to remember that you are your cat's guardian, and it is comparable to caring for a toddler. It is crucial for you to help your cat maintain a healthy weight so that he or she has the best health possible. If you need further instructions or have questions, talk to a vet about controlling your cat's weight.


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