Before Saying “hello”

Before saying "hello"

Buying a cellular phone may seem to be very easy when you have the money intended for the purchase but this is not the only consideration, you have to see to it that you are taking the right points before buying a cellular phone.

You have to consider first the type of phone you need or you want to have. There are three major types of cellular phones:

* Analog phones

This type is really suitable for those who travel a lot. Price wise, it is less expensive if compared to alternative phones. This would be a great choice for those who have budgeted amount to purchase one. On the other hand, the quality of the sound from such phones is not that high as compared to alternatives. Another negative point to be considered is that rate minute is now rising as well.

* Digital phones

This type of phone is really good when it comes to saving the cost of rates. These phones in general have better signals. The disadvantage point is that they could be very bad in receiving and maintaining signals. This could really be a big factor to consider.

* PCS phones

This stands for Personal Communications. It is as practical as the digital phones when it comes to practical features this has to be considered a lot for it may make or break your satisfaction to the phone you have chosen.

What are the other features to consider?

You must consider before buying: dual mode phones, weigh, battery life, size, and also color. Though these are small details, they matter a lot to us. Be careful in choosing the phone to buy.


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