The Top Five Mobile Phone Models For 2006 In USA

The Top Five Cellular Phone Models for 2006 in USA

With the advent of the mobile phone industry, mobile phone companies have long been contesting for the latest models that would captivate the market and make the buyers go "gaga" over it. So far, there are countless cellular phone models from Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and other companies.

The market differs in all parts of the world. A company may dominate in USA but not in Asia, same is true with the network service providers. Recently, there was a survey which showed a result of the Top Ten Models in the US region as of June this year.

As you take a read, you will discover that according to Wirefly and, sales show that the US mobile phone market is dominated by Motorola and no trace of Nokia could be felt.

First in the list is Motorola RAZR V3. What makes it a hit? To date, it is considered to be the thinnest device. Its features include: it measures 89x 53 x 13.9 mm. It is created from metal-alloy which makes it being remarkably thin; the RAZR V3 is only weighing a mere 95 grams. Because of its thinness, plastic would inherently be too fragile. Therefore, the anodized aluminum casing was created for stability, which would make it defiant enough to falls, drops and so forth.

Another great phone from Motorola is their Motorola E815. What makes it the number 2 best seller for Americans? It has an EvDo or Evolution for Data Only. It is sleek and it owns the following features: It is an attractive silver flip phone which any active individual could wish for. It has an on-the-go mobile broadband connectivity, hasty internet connection, MP3 player, Bluetooth and a 1.3 mega pixel camera. These make it a must-have.

The third spot is the throne of Samsung PM-A740. This clamshell camera phone has Stub/extendable antenna. It weighs 98 grams with the dimensions of 89x 46x25 millimeters. It has 1.5 MB memory, GPS and could be used in different languages. Its self-timer and web browser are remarkable features not to forget its ever-entertaining games and headset jack.

Motorola V330 takes number four. It weighs 120grams as a clamshell mobile phone with a stub antenna. It appears with the dimensions 89x49x25 millimeter. It has 1000 phonebook capacity with Bluetooth, PC Sync and USB. Amazing features like the Foto Fun photo editor, Motomixer ring tone composer and MP3 are sure to pull the attention of mobile phone goers. It also has the web browser.

Doing well at number five is the Audiovox 8910. As the other top mobile phones, it is also clamshell in shape with the dimensions of 89x48x22 mm. It is light at 91 grams and has stub extendable antenna. Moreover, it has 4-way keypad navigation and a 32 MB memory. It may come in nice colors that make it trendy. Its speakerphone, wallpapers and screensavers that are sure to get you 'hooked' with it.

Feel the American mobile phone culture, go buy one. Yes, one of the five top- selling mobile phones in the United States.


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