Otoplasty Another Kind Of Cosmetic Surgery To Consider

Otoplasty: Another Kind of Cosmetic Surgery to Consider

No matter what you do not like about your body, there will be a cosmetic surgery that can help you. Many people do not realize it, but one of the most popular kinds of cosmetic surgeries is actually otoplasty, which is cosmetic surgery on your ears. Otoplasty can help with a number of ear problems, including ears that are too big or small, ears that stick out too far, and ears that are deformed. If you are self-conscious about your ears, you should talk to a plastic surgeon about getting otoplasty.

Otoplasty is commonly used to fix deformities in children before the age of 14. After that, the ear is usually fully-grown, so it does not heal as quickly. However, if you are an adult and are embarrassed by the look of your ears, you can also get otoplasty. Your first step is to learn all you can about this procedure. You should do your own research on the subject as well as talk to doctors and people who have received otoplasty. This surgery is expensive and comes with risks, so you should make sure it is what you really want to have done.

Ear surgery usually takes about three hours, but that can change depending on the work you want to have done. The most common technique reduces that appearance of ears that are sticking our very far. To do this, the surgeon makes a small incision down the back of the ear to expose the cartilage. A strip of the cartilage is then removed. The ear is folded back to bring the gap together and pull the ear closer to the head. The doctor than stitches the ear with non-removable thread that is very strong. Other techniques can include sculpting flaps of the ear, reducing the size of the earlobe, or otherwise changing the look of the ear.

Don't be discouraged if your two ears don't look exactly the same after the procedure is done. Having identical ears actually looks very unnatural, and although you may see tiny faults, everyone else around you will think that your ears are natural. There's usually a tiny scar on the back of the ear due to the surgery, but that will fade away over time. In most cases, the patient can leave after the anesthetics wear off, so the procedure does not include an overnight hospital stay, except occasionally in the cases of children. Your ears may hurt afterwards, but the procedure should not affect your hearing, unless the skin flaps are removed to allow you to hear more clearly than before. The process is quiet simple, so if you don't like the look of your ears, you should consider otoplasty.


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