Costa Rican Nature

Costa Rican nature, wildlife, and refuges

Costa Rica happens to be a place filled with refugees for the wild. You will find that among these refuges that you will be able to go to the Finca Baru del Pacifico National Wildlife refuge, which is a mile north of Dominical. This happens to be a paradise to the numerous plants and animals that you will see on a tour. These tours also will show you some customer service that you will leave happily. You will also get good breakfast and other things that will be included in the price of most tours. You will be able to visit a lot of great destinations. That is fit for everyone, including the families. Children will love the wildlife experiences and it will teach them a lot about respect and the importance of conservation.

In Costa Rica, you will find that the most popular destination is the known as the Hacienda Baru refugee. This happens to be an 800-ache private national refuge that has been open for decades. It is owned by Jack and Diane Ewing, who had planned in the 1970s to stay in Costa Rica for only 4 months, but are still there, studying and protecting the wildlife. It first started as a cattle raising operation, but then it turned into something so much more. The Hacienda keeps a running list of the animals found on the property and although you cannot see any of Costa Rica's famous jaguars here, you might have an encounter with a boa, puma, or ocelot. Over 300 species of birds also call this reserve home, making it a birdwatcher's paradise.

Many people are scared of the boas, but you are less likely to see them, but they are still lying around. Instead, watch for reptiles such as red-eyed tree frogs. You can also go to the shoreline to see humpback whales, which pass by from December to April. You can also go to the shore and see all the sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. The Hacienda has a turtle nursery, where over two thousand baby turtles are hatched every year and released into the wild.

You will find that the land that is located in Costa Rica is forested; some of which is original "primary forest" which means that the original tress have never been cut down. There are also plenty of mangroves, rivers, and beaches for you to explore. A biological corridor is used to take visitors to the lowland forests.

You will be able to choose a tour from a wide range of options and you will be able to have plenty of nature guides. Most of the time you will spend hours on the beach or hours on horseback through the jungle, however, most of the time, you will find that people will go for the rainforest experience tour. This will allow you to get to see the best Costa Rica tour. You can also take plenty of kayaking and self-guided tours to make yourself have the ultimate experience in Costa Rica. You will also find that there are exciting experiences to be had on a canopy tour. This is where you are able to explore the area with rope lifts and more. Costa Rica is a must stop place for anyone who loves to be one with nature.


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