Golf In The Wild

Golf in the Wild

There is such a demand to find new and exciting places to go golfing. You will find that many people will go the whole way across the world to gold. There are gold courses everywhere and they are showing up in even the smallest of places in the world. You will want to go to an exotic location so that you can go to a popular destination, and enjoy a good game of gold. You will find that Costa Rica is a tiny place in the rainforest in Centeral America, but you will also find that it is a great place to go and golf, but it is a great place to take the family and have plenty of fun together.

When it comes to golf companies in Costa Rica, you will find that Costa Rica Golf Adventures is one of the best companies associated with the game. You will find their advertisements as "Gold on the Wild Side It's an output that has seen a potential rise and grown quickly since the turn of the millennium. It was at this time that Costa Rica began to embark on its evolution into a major golfing location for wayward putters traveling the globe. They offer three 18 hole golf courses, and the Marriot course is one of the latest additions to the Costa Rica golfing

You will find plenty of nine hole golf courses, but you will find that the shorter courses are what is played by the locals, but the 18 hole courses is what attracts the tourist. They are unique, diverse, and located in a lush and vibrant country, which gives travelers many reasons to stop by for a game of golf. When it comes to the popular golf retreats, you will find that La Playa Conchal is one of the most popular. The course, known as Garra de Leon (Lion's Paw), was designed by Robert Trent Jones II, a relatively popular course designer. Twenty miles away is another incredible golf resort, Rancho las Colinas Golf and Country Club. You will notice that this is for those who you would rather play a rustic game of golf, where you go through the hills and brush of the Tamrindo region.

Tamarindo is one of the airports that you can choose to fly into the country. The other major airports are located in San Jose, the capital, and Liberia. All of the airports are located within 45 minutes to an hour away from local golf courses. No matter what destination that you choose to land in, you'll be able to find a place to stay not too far from the airport or the golf courses.

Even through there are more tourist coming into Costa Rica each day, you will find that there are more and more golf courses that are going to be build and will spring up to please all of the tourists. You will notice that Costa Rica is one of the most attractive spot to go on vacation and to golf, however, you will you want to keep the destination in mind when it comes to family vacations.


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