Travel In Costa Rica

Travel in Costa Rica

When you are thinking about traveling, you should always think about how you are going to get around and how you will be able to get around the country safely. Public transportation is where you will be able to travel safely. This is just something that you might want to think about when you are unable to drive yourself around. You will want to make sure that you came back from your trip safely. The way that you travel is not always safe in Costa Rica, but if you take all the precautions to avoid the dangers, you will be able to enjoy your trip.

This does not mean that the busses, trains, taxis, etc. are in better condition than those in the United States. Actually, the U.S. has some of the cleanest modes of transportation around. However, they are also expensive and do not run very often in many cities. When it comes to the buses in Costa Rica, they are not one of the most glamorous ways for you to get around, but they are cheap and they run very often.. They're an easy and affordable way to get around the major cities in the country, and many of the more rural towns that dot the land.

I mentioned before that renting a car is an exceedingly expensive means of getting around, although it very well can be done. If you would really like to rent a car, you will be able to do it at the airport, as well as, various towns. You will be able to rent cars in the largest cities. Keep in mind, though, that the roads are not well paved and the mortality rate for auto vehicles is almost 9 times as bad as it is in the United States. If you aren't into traveling with a rental car, you can always give up the idea and stay with the public transportation.

For those who are the romantics you will be able to use the train system to help you get from town to town. This option will allow travelers to experience travel through the lush rainforests and mountainous regions in the nation. There is one problem with train travel, though. However, it is a limited way of getting around and you will find that there isn't much track for a train to travel. There is not much news as to the expansion of the train, so it may not suit most travelers.

Even though there are lots of fallouts with public transportation in Costa Rica, you will be able to get around quickly and very cheap. You will always be able to find plenty of options for you to travel, however, it is a great way to save some money if you use public transportation. Also, it is a good way of getting around the country without having to deal with other people's road rage. You will want to give it some time, but if you will be able to be amazed if you use the public transportation in Costa Rica.


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