Purchasing Music Online

Purchasing Music Online
While your allegiance to Metallica may have been tested during the trials to determine the validity and responsibility of file-sharing websites, purchasing music online is still a viable option for those who are interested. Those who are well aware of the fight know that paying for music online can be a great bargain; you just have to know who has the best offer. Here are a few services that charge reasonable amounts and are respectable names.

* AOL Music Now- The power of America Online is beyond reproach, especially with over 1.5 million songs in their library at the disposal of their members. You can try AOL's service on a free trial then download per song for $0.99.
* F.Y.E. - A leader in downloadable music, F.Y.E. provides 1.2 million songs to choose from for a flat $1 per download after a free trial period.
* MSN Music- THE name in computers and computer-related products, Microsoft makes songs available for $0.99 per download. MSN does not offer a free trial period.
* MusicMatch- MusicMatch lives up to its name by making specific recommendations to those who sign up for membership while charging $0.99 per download for the music of your choice. MusicMatch does not offer a free trial period.
* Napster- Though they are no longer a free name in the music business, the Napster name still holds water in music download circles. Napster offers downloads for $9.95 a month on up to three computers with around one million songs in their database. Napster offers a seven day free trial.
* PassAlong- PassAlong gets its name from offering its members the opportunity to gain points towards future purchases by passing along new members. Get your friends to sign up and reap the benefits! PassAlong starts at $0.99 per download and does not offer a free trial.
* Wal-Mart- Nobody offers a better name in the realm of saving a few dollars in the name of saving a few dollars than Wal-Mart. While offering around 400,000 songs at the time, much like PassAlong, Wal-Mart is growing and will continue to grow! Wal-Mart does not offer a free trial.


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