Get The Most Out Of Your Collection

Get the Most Out of Your Collection

When it comes to purchasing the latest edition of wonder in the electronic world you always have a few people swinging blindly while trying to find the right option for their taste. While some people will put in the time to do their homework and find the right product for them or their friends and family, others will simply buy and then complain if it doesn't meet their goals. When it comes to purchasing a digital music player the most common complaint is transferring music files to the player upon purchase.

The most common mistake is believing that you must download music from the internet to be able to enjoy your player, which could not be further from the truth. You can actually have a great time with your digital music player by simply "ripping" and transferring files from your own music collection. Here are a few things to consider when doing so:

* Know what type of file your digital music player will require to be played on the product itself. Some players require the files to be in Windows Media Player format while others need MP3 files and still others need even more specific file types (cough ... iPod ... cough). Ripping and syncing to your player from your own library will not be difficult, but it is time consuming, and doing it wrong will cause you to do it twice.
* If you are a fan of classical music, you know the type that goes on for around 10 minutes for a specific song then don't bank on being able to fit the same amount of tracks as the product claims. Most of the "20,000 song capability" claims that manufacturers make are based on 4 minute average songs. If you have longer songs, expect to fit less of your library on the player.
* While it may take a much greater amount of time for you to pick and choose specific songs on specific CDs from your music library to rip, it will save you a great amount of hard drive space. You could just breeze through and rip all of every CD, but who needs the other tracks from "Chumbawumba" other than "Tubthumping", right?


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