Microsoft Zune

Microsoft Zune

In every line of business there is the leader in the industry and then there is everybody else, this is no different in the world of digital music players. For the few years that these products have captured the attention of the American consumer there has been a clear cut leader, Apple's iPod. However, now there is a new kid on the block from one of the bigger houses down the street as Microsoft has released a new kid from its front door, the Microsoft Zune. Consider a few facts about the Zune:

* Microsoft has really hit Apple where it hurts by making the Zune screen about one-half inch bigger than the iPod. While that sounds like very little, it actually makes quite a big difference on such a small product. Not to mention, the Zune can be watched in portrait OR landscape mode, depending on how you like to watch!
* While Microsoft has come in at a nice price by offering the Zune for around $250 for 30GB of memory, they do not offer the same selection as iPod. With only one player with one set amount of memory, Microsoft is not competing based on selection, they are competing based on the amount of features they offer in a feature player.
* Another area where the Zune takes a step up from the iPod is the ability to listen to FM radio when you get tired of your music selection. Don't waste time cycling trying to find something worth listening to as you jog or walk on the treadmill, just flip over to the FM dial and tune in to your favorite radio station!
* Microsoft is much more prepared to update your player with their background in personal media than the good folks at Apple are with the iPod. The Zune is set to update every time it connects to the internet, meaning you always have the best Zune that you can possibly have, regardless of how lazy you are!
* With the Zune you don't have to log on to the internet at home to purchase tracks and then sync them with your player, you can purchase straight from your Zune! How is that for convenience?


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