Making Your Digital Player Car Ready

Making Your Digital Player Car Ready

We all have our favorite morning radio shows, whether they make money from their slap-stick personalities or ridiculous games these shows can keep you laughing during those stressful morning drives. However, there are times when we all just want to get lost in a few tunes on the way to work or dropping the kids off at school and they just continue to talk! Now, you have a way out since you recently purchased your digital music player from the local electronics retailer. Take up one of the following options and play your player over your car stereo!

* Do you still have one of those cars that are old enough to have used the same driving style as Fred Flintstone? You know the one that still has that ancient ... cough ... cassette player in the front dash of the car? Guess what? You can now plug in an adaptor to your car that will plug in to your digital music player and take full advantage of all of the tunes in your library. Imagine still being able to use something as old as that cassette player!
* If you don't have a cassette deck in your car then you need to invest in an FM transmitter to play your player through an FM frequency on your car stereo. The difficulty here is that a lot of frequencies will be taken, especially if you live in a metro area. In this instance, make sure you purchase a transmitter that allows you to use any frequency, not just those frequencies that reside between the 88 and 89 range on your radio dial.
* If you still aren't happy with either of these choices and plan on using your digital music player a lot during your time on the road, consider having a factory adaptor installed in your car. While these certainly aren't cheap, they are definitely the best route to go for those wanting a crystal clear transmission over their car stereo. Expect this to cost at least a hundred or two dollars, in addition to having it professionally installed, you don't want to have to do this installation on your own.


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