IPod Video

iPod Video

Be the most impressive and exciting person in the room by making a choice to get the best of what the best have to offer with the iPod Video. How is that for getting to the point right away and getting your attention? It is the flat-out truth whether you are a fan of the Apple "golden child" or not you have to admit that it has emerged as the frontrunner of a market that doesn't appear to be slowing in popularity at this point in time, that of the digital music player.

What iPod has done to gain favoritism with the market is take over in a few key areas that are important to the hardcore digital music playing elite, size and battery life. The iPod, specifically the iPod Video, has a tremendous sleek and slim look in addition to having battery power that will allow you to take it on a trip without the worry of what will happen if you watch or listen non-stop.

Want hard drive space? iPod Video comes in a couple of sizes from the already ridiculously large 30GB of space to the unheard of 60GB of space that will give you roughly 15,000 hours of music or 150 hours of video. With this kind of space and power it becomes more and more practical to spend upwards of $300 to put the world's newest favorite gadget in your pocket. Where else will you get that amount of power for that low of a price?

Now, you would have to be crazy to believe that an expensive piece of electronic wonderment would come without a glitch. This is also true of the iPod Video as it comes with its own share of problems, including the ease of scratching on the video screen and body of the product itself. Add to this some problems with converting the video to the correct format and you have some irritated customers.

Though there are problems to be had, most of those who you will speak to with an iPod Video will swear by its playability and ease of use. Whatever it is that you are looking to purchase, there is always going to be some complaint!


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