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If you are on a limited budget in the market for a mobility scooter, you may want to dedicate a little bit of time to comparing prices. Mobility scooters are available from many different manufacturers and in various styles. Just a few of the features and options you will find enhancing [Peterborough Ont.]
mobility scooters are specialty base plates or platforms, wheels or tires, and seats. The options and features that differentiate one mobility scooter from the next should be selected according to your particular needs and intended usage.

The base plate, or platform, supports your feet, the seat, the tiller, or steering column, and the battery. The base plate determines the comfort and safety of the user and whether or not the scooter is designed for indoor or outdoor use. The frames and support platforms of the base plates on [Peterborough Ont.]
mobility scooters are typically constructed of steel, aluminum or composite materials. Mobility scooter base plates are customized by manufacturers and then identified by different model and style names presented to the consumer. A mobility scooter intended for indoor use only will typically have a composite base plate to which adjustments have been made to the minimize the size of the wheelbase and amount of ground clearance as well as more precise maneuverability features to better accommodate the size and floor plan associated with a typical home. Some models of [Peterborough Ont.] mobility scooters have a longer length or an extendable base that can accommodate longer legs. An increased base length will increase the turning cycle of the scooter; however a well constructed mobility scooter will not tip easily during sharp turns or inclines and will provide a smooth, stable ride.

The size of the wheels on a mobility scooter determines the ability of the scooter to surmount obstacles and affects its stability. Mobility scooters usually have six, eight or ten inch wheels, and these are usually of equal diameter in the front and the back. Smaller wheels are generally found on front-wheel drive mobility scooters intended for indoor use. The larger the wheels, the more stable the ride and the larger and wider the tires the greater the ability of the mobility scooter to manage climbing curbs and maneuver over rough terrain.

[Peterborough Ont.] Mobility scooters are available with either three or four wheels. Four wheeled mobility scooters tend to be more stable than those with three wheels, especially for curb climbing and turning sharp corners. Three wheeled scooters have a smaller turning circle and tend to be easier to maneuver. The most common types of tires are solid, pneumatic, puncture proof and deep tread tires. Solid tires do not puncture or ever need inflating. Pneumatic tires need to be inflated regularly to maintain air pressure and checked frequently as they can puncture. They do provide a more comfortable and smooth ride than solid rubber tires and punctures can be repaired with a relatively simple at home repair kit or by a local cycle shop or mobility scooter repair center. Puncture proof tires are a compromise between solid and pneumatic tires. They are made of an open cell rubber compound to help with the shock absorption. Deep tread tires are available with different levels of tread. The deeper the tread, the greater the ability of the mobility scooter to provide increased grip and stability on curbs as well as on slopes, muddy grass and rough or uneven ground.


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