Facts About Generic Drugs

Facts about Generic Drugs

What is a generic drug?

A generic drug is made one the patent of a new drug has expired. It is the same as the original in just about every way.

How are generic drugs regulated?

Generic drugs are regulated by the FDA and must be tested and then approved by them before it goes into production.

Are your generic drugs made by the same company as the brand name version? It just may be about 50% of all generic drugs are made by the company that developed the original drug.

Are generic drugs made in the same standard facilities as the name brand ones?

Yes al facilities have to meet the FDA standards.

Why do all the brand name and generic drugs look different?

The trademark laws do not allow the generic versions to look just like the originals that are on the market. The coloring, size and shape might be different but they are still going to act the same way and do the same thing.

What is bioequivalaence?

If a generic drug is bioequivalent to the original it may mean that the generic drugs will work in the exact same way. It will release the same amount of the active ingredient in to the blood stream over the same amount of time.

Why are generic drugs so much cheaper?

Because of the increased competition between the pharmaceutical companies once a patent has been lifted on a patent has been lifted on a certain drug they will be cheaper in price.

Why are generic drugs made?

The same company produces Fifty percent of all the generic drugs. Some are made by the developing countries in cases where the drug is exempt in the country from an existing patent in the West.


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