Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical Hair Restoration

The idea of surgical hair restoration is one that may be terrifying to some because of its complexity, while being exciting to others because of its potential. Surgical hair restoration is one of the best options available to the balding and bald due to its specific and designed nature. What types of things should you expect and what types of things should you consider when trying to decide if surgical hair restoration is right for you? Just keep reading.

Qualified Surgeons- The surgical hair restoration procedure has to be performed by a professional who has practiced and been successful in the field. There are a very limited number of qualified surgeons in the U.S. to perform surgical hair restoration. Donít pick someone simply because of price or popularity, pick someone that truly knows surgical hair restoration.

Short History- Surgical hair restoration has only been performed since the 1930s and only by trained professionals for less than half that time. Many doctors have been widely criticized for the potential pitfalls of the procedure, but surgical hair restoration makes to much possible for the imagination.

Qualified Replacement Hair- There is currently only one process for those wanting surgical hair restoration, being the grafting and transplanting of DHT hair from the back of the scalp to other parts of the scalp. Currently the grafts and transplants for surgical hair restoration must be taken from the scalp of the patient or, if possible, an identical twin. Otherwise, anti-rejection medicine would have to be taken for the rest of your life to fight off side effects stemming from surgical hair replacement.

The hair that will be removed and transplanted for surgical hair restoration is taken from the ring around the head that most men with baldness suffer from. With surgical hair restoration that hair that is so strong and resistant to baldness is used for the purpose of growing the new hair in a new spot. Consulting a doctor or surgeon before the process can begin is a great step to take for those considering surgical hair restoration.


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