Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Nothing can cure a bald manís confidence more than the return of his hair, but what hair loss system is best to use? Many doctors will tell you that hair restoration is the way to go when trying to return to that look that brought you so much glory once upon a time. Hair restoration is a difficult procedure to understand and an even more difficult decision to make in the first place. But just how does hair restoration work?

The first step of the hair restoration process is to evaluate the donorís head to determine the areas of the head that are designed not to shed. Hair restoration or transplantation requires a certain degree of hair density on the donorís head before the hair restoration can continue. Once the doctor is sufficiently pleased with the situation the hair restoration can move to the next stage.

Next, a small section of tissue will be removed from the donorís head to truly begin the hair restoration. It is dissected under a microscope into micro grafts and follicle units that will help with the next step of the hair restoration process. The doctor must then become an artist to be able to gracefully place the units and grafts into the right place on the patientís head to make the hair restoration take shape.

A natural looking hairline is created in the hair restoration by placing the single follicle units into the right places on the scalp. The hair restoration will not look right unless the angles and zones are used properly by the hair restoration surgeon, so make sure you choose wisely before the procedure even begins.

Density and volume is provided for the balding areas by placing larger follicle units behind the hairline. The artistic vision of the surgeon will determine the naturalness of the hairís appearance after the hair restoration is complete. Make sure that you choose the right surgeon for your hair restoration or the whole process could be for not.


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