Causes Of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss are few and many all at the same time, but you must first understand how hair loss is possible. Many television and radio commercials will advertise causes of hair loss being poor care taken of the hair or bad hair care products being used. However, the causes of hair loss on a large scale are easy to find and understand.

Long Illness- One of the more common causes of hair loss is a long bout with a serious illness or a very stressful period of family strife. Stress can cause many problems with your body with one being the excessive loss of hair.

Hormonal Imbalance- Another cause of hair loss can be the hormonal imbalance brought on by something like a thyroid disease. Correcting a hormonal imbalance like the excess of androgens or estrogens could cause hair loss.

Pregnancy- Many women begin to lose hair a few months after pregnancy due to the loss of balance in their hormones. Another cause of hair loss, this is usually cured on its own several months after the hormones return to normal.

Infections- Certain types of fungal infections or degenerative diseases can cause hair loss. To overcome the fungal infections that cause hair loss the patient needs to purchase an anti-fungal shampoo or lotion.

Genetic- The biggest cause of hair loss is the genes being passed on from generation to generation. Though there are a number of wives tales, from the mother’s father and that it skips a generation, they are most commonly untrue. The only known genetic cause of hair loss has nothing to do with what side of family or generation you are a part of, it is simply the luck of the draw.

There are a number of causes for hair loss, but the majority are undeniably untrue. Doctors, scientists, and any number of normal Joe’s have been attempting to understand baldness for hundreds of years, understand that when the true cause of hair loss is found you will hear about it!


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