Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

When looking to improve your personal appearance through hair loss treatment there are a myriad of options available to the consumer. Hair loss treatment is a procedure like many others that sell themselves on the internet; they must be researched in order to be viable and reliable. For those out there that are considering the benefits of hair loss treatment, the following three procedures are the most commonly used and successful.

Rogaine (Minoxidil)- This is the only hair loss treatment that it expressly endorsed by the FDA for use and advertisement in the United States. The FDA has endorsed the use of Rogaine even though nobody truly does know how this hair loss treatment works. Rogaine is a clear substance that is applied to the scalp twice a day and can be used with gel or spray as long as the Rogaine dries first.

Retin-A (Tretinoin)- The use of Retin-A is not a hair loss treatment that should be used alone without the help of another drug. In addition to being a hair loss treatment, Retin-A is used to treat acne and is in fact one of the leaders in the market for treating acne skin conditions. Many doctors will recommend the use of Retin-A with Rogaine, which adds another element to the hair loss treatment cycle.

Propecia (Finasteride)- The hair loss treatment drug Propecia is perhaps only second to Rogaine in its clinical studies and popular growth. Most people have heard or seen Propecia ads about the benefits of the drug, but it is still not endorsed by the FDA as a safe and strong product for hair loss treatment. This hair loss treatment works like most others, but should still be used with a little bit more caution than Rogaine.

Hair loss treatment is like just about every other treatment or system for enhancing your appearance in that it has its positive and negative side effects. The consumer should consider why hair recovery is important to them and weigh it against the possible side effects that could arise. Donít pick a hair loss treatment with the idea that a miracle could happen, understand that anything is possible with personal appearance products.


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