Hardwood Floor Design

Unique Designs For Your Hardwood Floor

The fact that hardwood comes from organic material means that no two planks of wood are ever going to be exactly alike. If you go for factory manufactured and prefinished wood, you might be able to see uniformity in the designs, especially with deliberatel distressed hardwoods, but, the bottomline is, when you use hardwood material for your floor, you are sure that what you are stepping and walking on is one of a kind.

This leads us to the question: what is it about hardwood floors that never go out of style no matter how the times and interior design principles change?

Hardwood floors offer a kind of natural sturdiness and reliability that cannot be found in most home building materials. Sure, concrete is great, but nothing beats a well finished hardwood floor to get that truly natural touch.

Having a hardwood floor in your home is an investment, but it is a one-time expenditure. This means you shell out a large amount only once because all you have to do is make sure the floor is clean and its finish its intact to for the next generations to benefit from it. Diligent waxing will do; so will constant deep cleaning.

If you want to see interesting designs on your hardwood floor, a good idea would be to have it distressed. Now you should be careful with this project as a poor distressing job could result in a disaster instead of a work of art. You should hire a professional to do this.

There are pre-distressed hardwood boards available in home building stores, but they are factory manufactured so they are likely to have repeating designs. With a hand distressed hardwood floor, you are sure that every inch is unique, and your floor will not look too fabricated. Experts on flooring can spot a fake dead-on.


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