Identity Theft After Death

Identity theft after death

Another common way of identity theft is through postmortem identity theft. You will find that there are tons of information that can be taken from the dead. You will want to keep in mind that when it comes to things like internet, calls, and even mail you have left a paper trail that will outlive you.

You may want to become aware that there are some people who will try to steal your identity even after death. This can be very disastrous for your surviving family members when the deed becomes uncovered.

You may be asking how something like this could happen, but all it takes it for someone to read the obituaries by matching someone who looks very close to what they look like or someone who looks like a good candidate. Once you have a name and a birthday, you will find that a death certificate can be issued. Then you’ll be able to get social security names and piles of paper work. Criminals then use this information in order to feed their own life styles and needs. There are also no worries about others finding out about the fraud.

The problem really doesn’t strike anyone’s attention until the debt starts adding up. You will want to keep in mind that they simply begin to think that there is confusion between family members, but eventually the creditors will sort all of the information out.

Often, the creditors will try to get the money from the inheritances before any of the money is paid out. You may think that this is unfair, but the creditors have the right to it. You will find that by the time the fraud has become unraveled the thief has already moved on. It is very important that you protect yourself from fraud in order for your family to be able to leave peacefully through these moments of grieve.

Make sure that the social security office is notified right away about the death of a close loved on, so that they won’t issue any credit cards or any thing else with the social security numbers.


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