Identity Theft By Check Fraud

Identity Theft by check fraud

There are a lot of people who dislike taking good care of their checkbook; however, you will want to keep in mind that there are some alternatives to having checks. Really, checks are unnecessary in today's world but people continue to use keep their paper trail.

Keep in mind that when you use a lot of checks you are putting yourself at risk for ruin. You may think that this is a little bit too dramatic, but it is possible to have identity theft through check fraud.

You may think that checks are convenient or you may be too scared to switch to a debit card, but you will want to change your view on things for the sake of your future.

You will find that that checks tend to be very damaging because you are giving out a lot of personal information. With each and every check you will find that youíll be given them your account number and the routing numbers as well.

With a check, others can get into your check account and switch money into their account and have it all withdrawn and gone before you even notice. You will want to keep in mind that it will pop up on your statement, but by then, the damage is done.

Donít forget that you are also giving out your personal information when it comes to address and name. You may even have your spouses name on the checks as well. Now they are able to steal two identities at once. You will find that others will place things like their social security or phone number on the checks as well. There is really no reason for you to place either bit of information on a check. If you are asked for it, then you can write it in yourself.

With information like your social security number, you will find that strangers can get into your home, your bank accounts, your credit cards, and even some of your utility bills.

You need to protect yourself against this and you will want to be very careful about any and all information that you give out on checks. Sometimes you need to use checks, but it is best that you get into the habit of using a debit card, because it is harder to steal someoneís identity, and you donít leave such a personal impression on others either.


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