Is Money A Marriage Spoiler

Is money a marriage spoiler?

No matter how insistent we would be in claiming that money issues could never break a marriage, it would remain a part of the reality that shows us that one of the major causes of a marriage failure is regarding money issues. This is very common most especially for those who enter the second marriage.

The most common question for those who enter the second marriage is the issue on sharing money and properties or not. When one wants hers to be hers and his to be his, it is of course very good as it signifies oneness in the relationship. But, it could not be denied as well that each person has the right and the reason to keep what he owns.

This is one of the issues that are being faced by most couples and it is all up to them to solve and find solutions that would not totally ruin the marriage. Money, no matter big or small the amount is, it really does not matter at all, the most important consideration is that you trust each other and you are submitting yourselves for a real lifetime partnership.

Whatever the relationship is and money gets involved that much, it would surely create an effect that would break some strands shared by two individuals.

When you come to think of it, it is too sad that some couples end up bitter about each other and end up with different lives just because they could not reconcile their financial assets. In order for couples not to have these problems, you have to be very honest and you have to clear things up before settling down.

Money must be considered as an asset and it has to be used and managed well in order for it not to be used in a wrong manner. There would never be a satisfaction when money is in the centerpiece.

For those who are in the second marriage, though it may sound not so romantic, but you could freely discuss what you think is needed to be brought in the open about your money matters as individuals or as partners.

When both are open not only about what they have but as well as what arrangement to they want to have, it would be a lot easier to deal with and not to have more conflicts in the relationship. Financial issues must all be cleared in order not to make intentions toward each other vague.

Money, yes, it could make or break the bond between couples. This is possible if you would allow it to happen. But if by all means, you do the part which you surely are thinking of the benefit of both parties,


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