Louis Vuitton The Monogram Miroir Collection

Louis Vuitton: The Monogram Miroir Collection

Louis Vuitton is a company known for its line of French fashion products. From their stylish handbags to their cool looking sunglasses, their line of items is respected greatly in the fashion world. In fact, the brand is so strong that the Louis Vuitton monogram was designed not just for style, but to prevent any counterfeits. It's ironic that this famous brand also sports the most knockoffs. That just goes to show how recognized the brand name is.

Taking a closer look at the Louis Vuitton items, their winter 2006 show collection revealed the Monogram Miroir style of products. This style would breathe new life to the classic handbags such as the Alma and the Speedy 30. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir products all share an eye-catching reflective gold or silver coating.

With an objective towards fashionable trends instead of practicality, these items aren't for the unsophisticated. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir collection is no exception. Highly known celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson can be seen with this famous brand. Various models and actresses have even lent their name and image to be used in marketing campaigns. Surely, a Monogram Miroir product will make you shine like a star, if you aren't one already.

Being an older line of products, you probably won't run into many Monogram Miroir products from the Louis Vuitton brand. But if you do some looking around, you'll find that the prices can climb well into the thousands. Not only do you have to shell out a pretty penny for an exquisite item, but you'll have to keep an eye out for counterfeit material as well.

Although there are newer lines of items that are always being produced, none will match the flashy look of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir collection. The gold version gives off a brilliant shine, but it may be a little too pricey for some. You may want to opt for the classy silver color. Not only will you save a little money, but the silver version seems to match with anything.

If you liked a specific handbag, the Monogram Miroir collection extends itself to a couple of types. The Pochette is the smallest model. It is smooth and compact, and the gold/silver coat looks like a portable mirror.

The Keepall functions as its name implies; it allows you to carry all your goods with you with ease and style. It is the largest model of the Monogram Miroir collection.

If you don't like the extreme choices, you can pick something in between. The Alma is the Pochette's bigger sister. The shape is slightly different and it has a bigger storage space.

The Speedy handbag can be considered the Keepall's younger brother. The maximum capacity it can hold is slightly less than the Keepall. However, the Speedy still retains the same shape and feel.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir products are rare, but you can still find one if you do a little searching. If you can find one, expect to pay big bucks for it.


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