How Do I Pick A Moving Company

Car Moving (Auto Transport)

The very idea sounds ridiculous, isnít moving a car the easy part of moving? After all, donít you have to drive to your destination? However, if you are driving a rental truck during the move or need multiple drivers for one car you need someone to move the over.

Car moving, sometimes called auto transport, is the process of hiring an individual or company to drive your car to your eventual destination. A few things to remember when you are preparing to rent a car moving, or auto transport, service:
ē Find out when your car will be delivered. Make sure the auto transport is scheduled to be completed no later than when you arrive. You donít want to be without a vehicle.
ē What types of vehicles do the transport service accept?
ē What types of delivery do the auto transporters offer?
ē How is the car moved? Is it covered on a trailer or simply driven to itís location?

Just as if you are purchasing a car or house, make sure you get everything related to the auto transport in writing. Do not rely on verbal promises in the process of moving your car! This is too big of a risk to you and the company.

Follow some of the same guidelines you followed when selecting a moving company. Select an auto transport company that has a good record with consumer affairs and the better business bureau.
Make sure you do a thorough inspection of your car prior to the auto transport before and after the move with the company. The delivery of your car after auto transport is much like the delivery of your car when you originally purchased it. If you donít contest problems before you drive it off the lot you lose.

Some truck rental companies may offer you a trailer to transport the car yourself, but you may want to consider leaving it to the professionals. Driving a trailer with a car on it can be as aggravating a task as driving a moving truck. You are not used to it and you may find out that you arenít insured either.


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