Self Service Moving

Self Service Moving

Whether you are moving yourself or moving your family you are likely deciding between two processes. Do you hire a moving company to do it all for you from loading, to driving, to unloading? Or do you load everything yourself, drive the truck and unload all your boxes? Believe it or not, you have another choice, self service moving!

Many people have no problem with the loading and unloading involved in moving. Some actual prefer that they pack, load, and unload because the possessions mean more to them so they will be more careful with them. Self service moving gives the moving party the ability to pack, load, and unload to their liking while letting someone else take the task of driving.

Self service moving is the term applied to a process where you have a large container dropped off at your house to pack your things into. Once you are ready to move the company drops back by to load the container on the truck and drive to your destination.

Keeping with the simplified term of self service moving, the container is dropped off at your destination where you can unload into your new house! Self service moving gives you the opportunity to save the money you would save by simply renting the truck, but gives you the peace of mind that someone who is trained to drive a moving truck will be driving it.

Positives to Self Service Moving:
• Self service moving takes away the hourly cost of hiring a moving company.
• No worries about licensing or insurance driving a large truck.
• Eliminate concerns about the vehicle’s vulnerability, leaving your family abandoned on the side of a road.

Negatives to Self Service Moving:
• Still reliant on the schedule of a moving company, not in packing or unpacking, but in driving the truck.
• Potential still there for injuries related to lifting boxes.
• Some self service moving companies may charge extra for trailers or containers weighing over a certain limit.

Self service moving does not answer all of your prayers concerned with moving, but it does give you a very viable third option. As always, call your local companies and ask questions!


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