Interstate Moving

Interstate Moving

The most important part of interstate moving is investigating the company you’ve hired to move you. Believe it or not, moving fraud is a growing concern in the world of interstate moving. How does moving fraud occur, here are the steps:
• The moving company gives you an estimate over the phone without ever seeing your home or possessions.
• They give you a quote that seems “too good to be true.”
• The movers pack your items and agree where to meet you.
• Before arriving at your new home the movers contact you and demand more money before delivering your items, effectively holding your possessions hostage.

Some other things to consider when making your interstate move and investigating your movers are very similar to any other business. Does your interstate moving company demand cash or payment BEFORE the move? Did you receive a government regulated pamphlet regarding your rights in respect to interstate moving before the move?

If the company you’ve hired for your interstate move answers the phone generically (i.e. “Movers”) or don’t list an address you should double check them with the Better Business Bureau. Other things to look for prior to interstate moving is if your moving company claims all goods are covered by their insurance or they show up on moving day in a generic rental truck rather than a truck with a company name.

Like any other major purchase or life-altering event you should ask certain questions of your moving company. Ask for references from past interstate moves and make sure you are going by a certain criteria when screening potential movers.

Interstate moving can be a scary event, but with the right investigation and homework you can eliminate your stress. Just remember to try to get face-to-face a few times before the move. Someone is less likely to steal or threaten you if they feel you know them. Good luck and happy interstate moving!


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