Moving Storage

Moving Storage

If you are moving into a house that is smaller than where you were before or don’t think you’ll have time to unpack everything right away you need to investigate storage opportunities. Some moving companies offer storage opportunities if you agree to another part of their service.

Many movers offer free storage for a month or two to those who sign up for their one way truck rentals, etc. The length of time you can use the storage facility may be regulated, but this is usually clearly stated by the company or in your paperwork. Most allow use of the storage either before or after you use their service.

This can be very convenient if you are expecting your move to be temporary and don’t want to move everything or you simply don’t have the money/manpower to complete the move. Storage facilities offer a number of great amenities that could answer a potential problem you’re having with your move. Here are a few:
• 24/7 service. Being able to reach your items that are in storage at any time is very important.
• Security and alarm guarded storage gives you peace of mind for your valuables.
• Climate-Controlled storage allows you to store videotapes, furniture, or wood based items that could wilt in heat or damp conditions.

Optimizing your storage space is important to saving money.
• When packing for a move, pack with storage in mind. Keeping items in boxes conserves space for storage.
• Disassemble entertainment centers, desks, or tables that may be spacious.
• Stand couches or mattresses on their ends.
• If you are storing bookshelves make sure you place other items on the shelves.

Make sure you abide by your storage facility’s guidelines pertaining to the items you place in storage and see what types of services that they offer before you move. Some offer to come to your house and help load the truck, and then unload it at the storage facility themselves. Being trained to do this means they will optimize the space available to storage and save you money.


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