Renting A Moving Truck

Renting a Moving Truck

Many people who are in the process of moving opt out of hiring a moving company and decide to rent a moving truck themselves to move their possessions. This brings in a whole new string of questions about what to look for in a truck and how to drive it. Here are some things to remember during the process of moving truck rental.

Renting a moving truck is much like purchasing an airplane ticket, you need to book it early. Don’t wait until the week of the move to rent a moving truck, rent it a few weeks ahead. If you are renting the truck very early, make sure you’ve already guaranteed you will move that weekend and any help you have is definitely available that week.

When you are renting the moving truck make sure you ask the company you are renting from how much it is to rent moving pads and dollies. These things may seem small, but they do add cost to the overall renting process and can be pricey with certain companies. Also, remember that any tolls will be yours to pay.

Ask the company that rents the moving truck what their policy is on additional miles, what type of gas the truck runs on, and if the tank needs to be full upon return. If you are doing a one-way move, where is the location of the rental company in your new location. If you are moving locally, can you be done with the truck in time to return it before closing time?

Finally, what type of moving truck are you renting? It is a good idea for you to visit the business where you are renting the moving truck from to see what the truck is like. Remember, you are driving this beast, you better make sure you can drive it before you commit to paying for it. Here’s a few things to check out in your possible rented moving truck:
• Make sure you feel comfortable with the wide turns this moving truck has.
• Note the clearance of the moving truck and compare to others.
• Ask the rental company what you are covered for during the process.
• Find out if you need any extra license to drive the truck.
• Ask if you can drive around the lot to get the feel for how it works.

Renting a moving truck is a daunting prospect to the rookie mover, don’t let it be! When it comes to moving truck rental the key thing to remember is do you feel comfortable with it!


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