Playtime For Newborns

Playtime for Newborns

You may think that your newborn needs to have toys. It is true that a newborn is not going to actually be able to hold and manipulate a toy that is intended for their entertainment like an older child would do. However there are different things that you can buy for your newborn that are going to be toys and also going to help them in their development.

The best toys that are for newborns are simple. They are not actually able to play with the toys, but they can follow them with their eyes when you hold them in front of a baby. Rattles and brightly colored toys are good for babies because they can hear them and see them. If a toy is brightly colored and rattles and makes other noises, a baby is going to have a positive brain development when it comes to seeing objects and hearing sounds. If it is something that your newborn can hold in his or her hands, eventually as time goes by your baby's hands and feet will get stronger and able to grasp things better. You will see positive motor development if you give your baby toys to hold and move.

There is a lot of research that shows positive brain development is happening in babies who have things to look at. If your baby has a mobile or another object to look at while they are in their crib or while they are sitting in a seat, they are going to be able to focus on objects and watch them. This is where they will get stimulation and will have better brain development.

Remember that there are many sides to this topic. There has been a lot of research done that says that stimulation is important. However a baby can easily get over stimulated. This is why it is important to keep it simple and not have too many things going on at one time. Keeping the nursery in a few prominent colors is important because colors have been shown to encourage brain growth and development in newborns. Keep your baby stimulated and do not make them look at all different kinds of things that will make them stressed out. You will know you are creating sensory overload if your baby starts to cry for no reason at all. Keep it simple and make sure that you are grabbing their attention. If they can look at it and can follow it with tier eyes, they are going to have better brain development and grow stronger and smarter all the time.


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