When Newborns Are Fussy

When Newborns are Fussy

One of the biggest ways to lose your patience when you are a new parent is a fussy baby. If you have a newborn that is fussy there are things that you need to check on first. Does the baby has wet or dirties pants? Is the baby hungry or do they need burped? These are normal and regular for babies. The chances are good for them to be fussy with these problems and you have to check for these things first. Once you have decided that this is not the problem, you should not get frustrated. There are several other possibilities that you will want to consider.

Remember that the temperature can be a big problem for a newborn to be fussy. If your baby is too hot or cold, they are not going to be happy. The best way to check on this is to simply feel their skin. Does it feel too hot or too cold? Des the baby feel the same temperature as always? If a newborn is too hot or cold, you should take steps to fix it. Also a baby may be bored when they are fussy and most parents do not realize it at all.

Having a baby that is bored means that they are going to be fussy. If your baby has been held in the same position for a long time or if they have been sitting in the same place for too long, they may be bored and need to have a change in scenery. Try to change what position they are in and try to change what they are seeing. This will help to relive their fussy behavior. Sometimes even moving them to the other side of your own body will help to make them happy. This will get them facing a different direction and will help to calm them down and make the baby happy.

If you have tried all of the above and your baby is still fussy, you should take the baby to the doctor. Remember that sometimes a baby is fussy because there is no other way for them to let us know they are sick or not feeling good. A doctor can determine if they are sick and if there is something else that you can do to help them be more comfortable. There is usually something very simple that you can do to make your baby happier and more enjoyable.


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