Types Of Perfume

Scent unique to your own

Smell first oneself before you try applying scents to your body, or something like that. This may be the best way to describe what we will discuss in the following. Basically, what we are trying to say is that every one of us has unique body chemistry that emits or gives off different and unique types of scents.

It's like fingerprints. This scent that the body gives off will of course react to the type of perfume that you will wear. That is why it is essential to determine your own "smell" first before buying perfumes of different scents.

It is said that if you bought the correct perfume, you will have a positive outlook which would be transcend on how you view your own personal and professional life. The right scent also induces optimism which results to more energy and enthusiasm. But how would we know our own smell? Well it is a little tricky I admit, but trying to determine what your actual scent is quite possible. However, the process could be a little gross for some.

One way to determine what you actually smell like is to not take a shower following a workout or a strenuous activity. Also, make sure that you don't rinse your hair or add any body spray. After an hour or two, smell yourself. Remember that smell. Then go take a bath with soap, suds, and shampoo and all.

After you've taken a bath, smell ourselves once more. Compare the smell you had before you took a bath and the one after. Chances are you will be able to note down the exact scent of your body. The purpose of the exercise is to let you recognize, ignore or isolate the scents of various artificial smells like those of soaps.

After you determine what your exact body smell is, you are now ready to buy a bottle of perfume. Perfumes are not scented water or are they alcohol. They are more than that. Some have natural essential oils added into them. When trying on a perfume, be sure to let the perfume settle on your skin first.

Perfumes are made up of layers. The first one emits the strongest smell and the quickest one to fade. This is the part that attracts passersby and force heads to tern toward your direction. The middle part is like the bridge that leads to the finale.

After 30 minutes the perfume has already reached the middle layer which means the rich scent of the perfume has already mixed with the body's natural scent. Therefore, the scent lingers because the perfume only accentuated your own body scent and not the chemicals that made up the perfume.

When you decided to buy a bottle of perfume, there are some things that you need to consider. Women tend to prefer a cleaner scent like citrus smell for casual wear. And for special occasions, they generally like muskier fragrances.

Also remember that in order to keep the perfume last longer, don't expose them too much to air. Perfumes differ in oil concentrations. Perfumes have the highest concentration of oils followed by eau de parfum, then eau de toilette, then eau de cologne and finally body splash.

Another option available to you is to make your own perfume. There are a number of websites, books, and articles about the process of making your own scent. To make your own perfume might be the best way to get that unique scent you're looking for.


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