Digital Camera Information

Digital Camera information

If you are going to buy your first digital camera, you will want to research your purchase so that you don't end up being clueless on things like megapixels or what is the best storage for you. The salesperson will try to gang up on you and give you a lot of options, but you don't want to get confused. You will want to be prepared so that they don't intimidate you. You will find that when you do a little bit of research before you go to buy a camera, you will be able to save some time and help yourself out a lot.

When most people first begin looking at digital cameras, the question in their minds is picture quality. On a digital camera, this is measured by megapixels. Higher is better-megapixels, in short, are simply the little dots on the camera's screen that make up the picture. If you own a personal computer, think about what something looks like when it is "pixilated." The less pixels, the more grainy your picture will be, so you'll probably want a camera that is at least at a 2 or 3. However, once you start going above that, you won't see much of a difference in your shots unless you are taking professional photographs that are going to be blown up or need to be of impeccable quality.

The salesman will try to mention the shutter speeds, but they will also give you just a range. If you've used film cameras in the past, you probably understand shutter speed, but for novices, this may be a new lesson. When it comes to the speeds that they give you, you will notice that it takes less than a fraction of a second. Therefore if someone says the shuttle speed is 600, they really mean that it is 1/600 of a second. Faster shutter speeds are better if you will be taking a lot of motion shots; however, most people and situations will never need anything higher than 2000. You will be given a minimum shutter speed and that is counted when it comes to the full seconds. This is useful for night photography. If you want your camera simply for regular run-of-the-mill photography, shutter speed is probably not very important, but having these options is great for those who want to photograph things like sports or city lights.

Storage options will confuse many people when it comes to a digital camera. Many digital cameras allow you to change the quality of your photographs-if you take lower quality, you can store more pictures. You probably can't keep more than a hand few of images on the camera without a memory card, so that is why it is so important for you to purchase the extra memory for the camera. The salesperson will try to talk you into the cards that hold more photographs and are more expensive, but remember that you only need enough storage until you can transfer your photographs to your computer or stop at a developing center. You will also be able to delete images that you don't like, and make room for all the ones that you do like.

There happens to be more other things that you will want to consider, however, you should learn about how to buy a digital camera, before you go and purchase one. You don't want to buy one on impulse. It is very important to understand the quality that you are getting and how it relates to the budget. You will want to have a clear budget so that you can make a good and solid purchase.


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